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I am starting to see a correlation here between lippy and fruit candy. As I have sat at my the computer for the past 5 hours it has just dawned on me that I have almost devoured my favorite Framboise, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss. Enjoying the feel of my super soft lips I do a quick google search on the ingredients, not stopping there I do a bit more delving as well as I flick through some of my earlier research notes.  It seems that Lippies everywhere are named after many mouth-watering juicy fruits like, yes it’s pretty common. Mango Blossom, Rich Raisin Frost, by Revlon; Este Lauder’s range of the 3 juiciest shades imaginable, Raspberry Pop, Watermelon Pop and Mandarin Pop, that give lips sheer crystalline color with a high-shine finish, then there is their Pure Color Lip Vinyl collection available in eight delicious shades from Berry to Wet Mango, Cliques Apple Butter, Sugar bean and Black Honey, Rimmels range of Sugar Plum and Pink Soda. To name a few!

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Mostly a lip gloss fiend myself, I do occasionally like to break out my signature Paloma Picasso Red especially when I wear all black! If you were to raid my pockets, bags or purses you would most definitely find an array of Lip Balms and every shade of pale pink and peach gloss under the sun. Stats do show that 92% of the female population refuse to leave home without it, for all sorts of reasons some say it brightens their day,  or morale booster  a glam fix while others said that they feel practically naked without it. Those that prefer reds and deep berry shades said it empowered them and made them feel stronger, for some, more seductive.  Well whatever the reason, and yes there are many more, it does seem one thing is for sure and that is, it is both an oral fixation and a signature statement. For me, I just like the taste! Let me know your thoughts… xx

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Here are a few tips to help you achieve sweet lips!

Prepare you lips by exfoliating them, this can be done while brushing your teeth.  If you have a soft to tooth-brush,  run it across your lips a few times to remove the dry skin, this will also leave your mouth feeling lovely and tingly as the blood rushes to the surface.

Rose Bud Lip Balm is my favorite, its a great skin softener for lips, apply straight after exfoliation, making sure it is rubbed in well, this is important as smooth lips will always help you lipstick to glide on and give you staying power.

Lining your lips with a neutral or a same color lip pencil is essential double the staying power and enable you to create the desired shape you are looking for. Start lining at the outer edge on either side of your top lip working upwards rounding at the “V” repeat process on the bottom lip.

If you are opting to wear lip gloss only, line lips with a neutral lip pencil, blend the line with your ring finger then apply lip gloss.

Polimers, Oils, Vitamin E, Sunscreens, Collagen and Water binding Moisturizers, are added to some lipsticks to nourish and protect our lips